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Codon Optimization

Codon usage or frequencies vary dramatically between different species. Although many alternative nucleic acid sequences can encode the same protein, it is essential to adjust the codon frequency of the foreign protein to match that of the desired host organism.
OPTIMIZATION HOUSE’s software is an optimal tool to help you express the protein you dream. Our optimization software is able to optimize sequences using any codon usage table, either designed in your own way or from a database (http://www.kazusa.or.jp/codon/).
Our proprietary algorithm converts amino acid sequences into desired DNA sequences with overall codon usage similar to a specified organism. The sophisticated software also takes many factors including considerations, it eliminates high or low GC content, avoids repeats and/or any secondary RNA structure, in addition it can selectively omit or include restriction sites you specify……
After codon optimization practice, the nucleotide sequences will be sent back to you for your approval. You will receive:
1) Complete optimized nucleotide sequences
2) Direct codon usage comparison: specified organism vs. your project
3) Detailed restriction analysis of optimized nucleotide sequences
4) Gene report of optimized sequences including repeats summary (if any) and GC content distribution Your order will ONLY be initiated after your approval and your complete satisfaction.
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